Ben Donley (dojothemouse) wrote,
Ben Donley

Let the googlewashing commence.

I'm sure y'all know the story about Rick Santorum. I'll tell it again anyway. Rick Santorum is a senator that made some offensive comments about homosexuals, and advice columnist Dan Savage didn't want the world to forget about it. So, Dan Savage asked his readers to submit & vote on a new definition for the word "santorum." They decided that new definition of santorum should be the frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter that sometimes results from anal sex.

Today, Dan Savage requested in his column that his geekly readers do their best to improve the google ranking of his definition, so that when folks google for santorum, they get this new definition, not the asshole's senate web page. Repeated linking from the same page probably won't make any difference, but repeated linking from many pages certainly will.

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Tags: enemies, fascism
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