Ben Donley (dojothemouse) wrote,
Ben Donley

SSIS 2008 claims that your perfect dtsconfig "is not valid"?

More fun with SQL Server Integration Services 2008.

I am getting this in my logs (before a bunch of connection errors due to the dtsconfig not loading):

Warning: 2009-12-01 11:14:09.81
Code: 0x80012013
Source: <packagename>
Description: The configuration file loaded, but is not valid. The file is not formatted correctly, may be missing an element, or may be damaged.
End Warning

This configuration file is *fine* and I have loaded it a hunnered times. The problem is that SSIS is lying and it did not load the file at all: This was caused, in my case, by a permissions problem. A minor snafu changed the permissions on my dtsconfig & my SQL Server ##xp_cmdshell_proxy_account## lost permissions on it.

So this actually indicated that the SSIS package has permissions on the parent folder & can thus see that the file exists, but it does not have permissions to read the actual file. I suspect that you would get the same results if you had an empty dtsconfig.

I have spent the bulk of two days trying to tweak the contents of my dtsconfigs for no reason - and eventually it worked! But it was because all the mucking with my dtsconfigs lead me to unknowingly recreate the file with the correct permissions.
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