Ben Donley (dojothemouse) wrote,
Ben Donley

Alix: how's Mlle.?
me: She's great.
She had an upsetting experience with a cockroach the other night.
Alix: oh god
me: She shrieked and there was a racket in the bathroom.
And so I came in to check on her.
And she was backed into a corner on the ground
With her toothbrush in her mouth
Alix: hahahah
me: And the tube of toothpaste in her hand
And she gave me the tube and said, "I BEAT IT."
She had beaten the cockroach to death with the tube of toothpaste.
Alix: gross
super super gross
me: Yes.
It was like a mob boss handing their handgun to a lieutenant after an execution.
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