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Tourist info spammers

I get spams like this very often. Their stories and addresses vary but their goals do not. They are the only spams that get through the goog filters to me. WTF.

From: Sergey Nabokin <>
Date: 2011/5/9
Subject: Dear Friends!
To: judgmentalist <>


I at once wish to apologize. In English I badly write, but I very well read on it. I am the teacher of the literature at elementary school.

Often with a class we visit different cities and the countries. We at school have a special department where we store souvenirs with symbolics of cities (Children so love gifts), booklets, clauses, cards, brochures, badges, charms, coins, t-shirts on cities where we have visited. We store carefully as fine memoirs should be honoured.

And, certainly, we spend original excursions for the children's home nearest to us to give children a holiday and to tell about the different countries.

In the near future we plan to visit your Country and some cities (I and 9 children)

As I do not have constant access to the Internet, it is difficulte to me to find complete information on your city. Therefore I very much would like to receive from you any printed information , and also if it is possible anything else (gifts with your symbolics), which warmed ours souls and reminded of the future trip.

We often have not time to buy gifts, as we in short terms of a vacation should visit many sights

With Impatience we look forward to hearing!

My post address:

Sergey Nabokin
Avtozavodcev 27 - 10

tel: +79026147710

Yours sincerely, Sergey Nabokin.
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