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There are no trails. There are no trees out here. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Ben Donley

 - littleblur

I have been remembering my dreams lately. [Fri, Jul. 17th - 2pm]
Ben Donley
Both last night & Wednesday night, I dreamed that I was struggling to sleep.

Last night I was hanging out at a band house & couldn't find anywhere quiet to sleep, so I went outside. There was a man & woman making out in their back yard, and this immense, pale, bald-headed dude autofellating about twenty feet away from them. I found somewhere in the yard to lie down without bothering any of them. And I went to sleep.

Later, they made me join the band & play bass. The bulk of the dream was spent trying to convince someone to take my place so I could quit the band.

Wednesday night, I dreamed that I was asleep in my bedroom on a train car and the train kept rocking me awake. I awoke, in my dream, to the sound of rain driving against the bedroom windows.
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Ben Donley of San Francisco on the web [Fri, Jul. 17th - 2pm]
Ben Donley
Steve said that he wanted me to update post links to my flickr so that he would know how to check it.

Here is my flickr, and here is my flickr rss feed. This is usually iPhone pictures (every one is awesome) & very occasionally dumps of party pictures (which are usually... uh... skimmable).

Also, I rarely post links to awesome things on the web here in my LJ anymore. That is because I post them on my google reader shared items page. Here is the RSS for my google reader shared items, if you are into that kind of thing but not a Friend in my Google Reader.

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Someone did this to me in a dream. [Sun, Jul. 5th - 9pm]
Ben Donley
  1. Make a fake antique bust of a creepy old man.
  2. Make a fake antique poster with a drawing of the same creepy old man.
  3. Create a moderately authoratative looking web page describing a long dead Carpathian king.
  4. Give it a totally unique, Carpathian sounding name.
  5. Put that name on your poster.
  6. Put that poster in your abandoned, darkened storefront.
  7. Put the bust behind the poster
  8. When you get a hit on your website referred from a search for the totally unique name,
  9. quickly raise the bust above the poster.
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More fun with SSIS deployment [Tue, May. 19th - 5pm]
Ben Donley
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So you're trying to deploy a SQL Server Integration Services package to a 2005 server, but you recently installed SQL Server 2008? Not behaving nicely?

I get this error, over and over again:

Full text:
TITLE: Package Installation Wizard

Could not save the package "C:\ss\SSIS\Control-Import GLPMF_CSH.root\Control-Import GLPMF_CSH\Control-Import GLPMF_CSH\bin\Deployment\Control Import GLPMF_CSH 2005.dtsx" to SQL Server "kci-marts".


Storing or modifying packages in SQL Server requires the SSIS runtime and database to be the same version. Storing packages in earlier versions is not supported.


Thanks, ass. It's NOT an earlier version! This is a 2005 package! It should be aces, right? Well, you think you're using the 2005 tools, but you're not. Your first clue that something is going wrong is here:

That's version 10, when you are supposed to be using the version 9 tools.

Here's what fixed it for me:

If you have any idea how to make this sensical (changing the path, as per this article, did nothing) to me, I would hugely appreciate that. Actually, if you can tell me how to fix the guts behind that "open with" menu in general, I will give you a little kiss.
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shirt garters [Fri, Apr. 17th - 1pm]
Ben Donley
The ones I got are poorly conceived. I went with the cheapest brand. They do not have a Y shape, and they are not adjustable. That means they are taut all the time, which is stupid. The goal is not to have your shirt appear pulled-on. The point is for it to stay tucked in.

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:| [Fri, Mar. 27th - 2pm]
Ben Donley
Gabriell: I wanted to make chicken meatball soup
me: I think that's called matzoh ball soup.
Gabriell: No that is different
me: Are you allowed to make meatballs out of chicken?
Gabriell: Of course
Sent at 2:47 PM on Friday
me: Do you have to use chicken that is made out of cows?
Gabriell: Tiny, feathery cows that lay eggs
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fuck yes shirt garters. I'm getting ten. [Mon, Mar. 23rd - 2pm]
Ben Donley


I knew there was some way to begin fetishizing business casual. Who's into sagging, faded polo shirts? Sexually.

Update: ordered three pairs
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today on minutiae theater - my favorite mustard [Wed, Feb. 25th - 11am]
Ben Donley
Two or three months ago, my favorite sandwich shop stopped offering dijon mustard on their sandwiches. Were they
  1. eliminating an already unpopular option due to the declining economy and a need to cut costs?
  2. eliminating a more expensive option due to the declining economy and a need to cut costs?
  3. responding to a decline in demand for dijon mustard?
If the answer is #3…
  1. Are the sandwich eaters of the financial district avoiding dijon mustard because it is associated with Rolls Royce limousine passengers, and they feel guilty about their wealth?
  2. Are we dijon eaters a special class of financial district douchebag that have fared differently in, or responded differently to this recession, and thus ordered fewer sandwiches?
Maybe I should ask.
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Poor Saddleback Church. [Tue, Jan. 27th - 5pm]
Ben Donley
Saddleback Church will lose.
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my stupid hat [Sun, Jan. 4th - 5pm]
Ben Donley


2009 is going to be when consequences come due. It could be a great year, if the consequences are faced and they're survivable. If we act like we did in 2007 & 2008, we'll be proper fucked within the year. And we might be fucked no matter what we do.

I've been reading financial news, so. But I also think this applies to me personally.
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