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There are no trails. There are no trees out here. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Ben Donley

 - littleblur

Souvenir spam [Sat, Nov. 12th - 10am]
Ben Donley
From: Sérgio Nazaro <nazarinho@gmail.com>
Date: November 12, 2011 9:56:26 AM PST
To: undisclosed-recipients:;
Subject: Request

Good morning.
I am Brazilian and great lover of pin collecting in my country and abroad with various themes. 
I would love to have the pin in my collection of his country, regions, cities and institutions, a fact
that will greatly enrich my collection. I take the availability of your e-mail to ask you please to send
your pins available.
I appreciate the opportunity to connect and look forward to his speech.
Sergio Nazaro
My address:
SQS 415 Block F Apartamento 301
70298060 - Brasília - Distrito Federal - Brazil

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Tourist info spammers [Tue, May. 24th - 5pm]
Ben Donley

I get spams like this very often. Their stories and addresses vary but their goals do not. They are the only spams that get through the goog filters to me. WTF.

From: Sergey Nabokin <ant@sergeybn.jino.ru>
Date: 2011/5/9
Subject: Dear Friends!
To: judgmentalist <judgmentalist@gmail.com>


I at once wish to apologize. In English I badly write, but I very well read on it. I am the teacher of the literature at elementary school.

Often with a class we visit different cities and the countries. We at school have a special department where we store souvenirs with symbolics of cities (Children so love gifts), booklets, clauses, cards, brochures, badges, charms, coins, t-shirts on cities where we have visited. We store carefully as fine memoirs should be honoured.

And, certainly, we spend original excursions for the children's home nearest to us to give children a holiday and to tell about the different countries.

In the near future we plan to visit your Country and some cities (I and 9 children)

As I do not have constant access to the Internet, it is difficulte to me to find complete information on your city. Therefore I very much would like to receive from you any printed information , and also if it is possible anything else (gifts with your symbolics), which warmed ours souls and reminded of the future trip.

We often have not time to buy gifts, as we in short terms of a vacation should visit many sights

With Impatience we look forward to hearing!

My post address:

Sergey Nabokin
Avtozavodcev 27 - 10

tel: +79026147710

Yours sincerely, Sergey Nabokin.
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(no subject) [Mon, May. 16th - 9am]
Ben Donley
Alix: how's Mlle.?
me: She's great.
She had an upsetting experience with a cockroach the other night.
Alix: oh god
me: She shrieked and there was a racket in the bathroom.
And so I came in to check on her.
And she was backed into a corner on the ground
With her toothbrush in her mouth
Alix: hahahah
me: And the tube of toothpaste in her hand
And she gave me the tube and said, "I BEAT IT."
She had beaten the cockroach to death with the tube of toothpaste.
Alix: gross
super super gross
me: Yes.
It was like a mob boss handing their handgun to a lieutenant after an execution.
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Homeless dude stories [Tue, Dec. 29th - 6pm]
Ben Donley
He's always inside Montgomery Bart when it rains. He puts his things on the ground and faces a corner while rubbing his eyes. He rubs his eyes gently, deliberately, and constantly. He looks fine. Casual.

I think it is a defense mechanism. No one will fuck with him while he's in the middle of a brief and simple hygeine activity as innoccuous as rubbing his eyes. They'd let him finish even if they wanted to beat him up. So he never finishes.
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SSIS 2008 claims that your perfect dtsconfig "is not valid"? [Tue, Dec. 1st - 11am]
Ben Donley
More fun with SQL Server Integration Services 2008.

I am getting this in my logs (before a bunch of connection errors due to the dtsconfig not loading):

Warning: 2009-12-01 11:14:09.81
Code: 0x80012013
Source: <packagename>
Description: The configuration file loaded, but is not valid. The file is not formatted correctly, may be missing an element, or may be damaged.
End Warning

This configuration file is *fine* and I have loaded it a hunnered times. The problem is that SSIS is lying and it did not load the file at all: This was caused, in my case, by a permissions problem. A minor snafu changed the permissions on my dtsconfig & my SQL Server ##xp_cmdshell_proxy_account## lost permissions on it.

So this actually indicated that the SSIS package has permissions on the parent folder & can thus see that the file exists, but it does not have permissions to read the actual file. I suspect that you would get the same results if you had an empty dtsconfig.

I have spent the bulk of two days trying to tweak the contents of my dtsconfigs for no reason - and eventually it worked! But it was because all the mucking with my dtsconfigs lead me to unknowingly recreate the file with the correct permissions.
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whenever the weather gets bad [Fri, Nov. 20th - 12pm]
Ben Donley
Occasionally I wonder if I am limiting my horizons by assuming I'll stay in SF for the rest of my life.

Then it turns to winter. November 20th: 56°F and rainy. Horrible, miserable weather.

And I realize that of course I can never leave for a city further from the equator. And I could never live somewhere particularly conservative. And I don't want to live somewhere I have to drive, like LA.

So here I will stay.
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lazyweb [Tue, Nov. 17th - 3pm]
Ben Donley
I read an airheaded op-ed a while ago suggesting that soon, due to green PR, it would be frowned upon to smell good. Because that would imply that you shower regularly, and that is a waste of water and energy.

Unfortunately, this idea-space is totally filled with crap and I can't figure out how to google up the article.

Any ideas?
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I need an Oxford English-Spanish Dictionary. [Tue, Oct. 27th - 7pm]
Ben Donley
Spanish - English translation:

Tuna - tuna
Aceituna - olive
Aceite - oil
Tuna verde - green cactus

Riddle me fucking that. While we're at it:

"disfrutar" is "to enjoy"

Is that because if you defruit something, you have enjoyed it?
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SMS on iPod Touch [Tue, Oct. 27th - 5pm]
Ben Donley
Is there an awesome SMS application for the iPod Touch that works with an awesome SMS service that will get you SMS messages on your iPod Touch even if you don't have a cell phone number or plan of any kind?

The Google Voice website essentially has all the features I am asking for. Is there a native app that does this? It doesn't have to work with Google Voice.

Edit: The "Peek Pronto" is a device that accomplishes what I want, but it has drawbacks.
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Bird signs. [Fri, Jul. 24th - 8pm]
Ben Donley
[Current Location |on the phone]

A tiny raptor landed on the pavement 20 feet in front of my bike. I was commuting home on shotwell. He seemed kindof spacey. He glanced at me & flew up into a tree.

Dunno what kind of bird it was, but it was tiny and it looked mean and I've never seen anything like it.

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